Before continuing with the application process, please ensure you are fully committed to the task of taking care of an animal in need. This form is extensive, and we recommend you read the links we have provided at the bottom of each page, in order to get a better understanding of how serious adoption is.

Once you are ready, please proceed to answer as many of the fields on this form as you can. The more questions and more honest you are with us, the easier it is for us to determine if you will be a good fit for these amazing animals.

Please note that any field with an asterisk is mandatory, and you are expected to carefully read everything on this form.

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I understand that this application form is not a guarantee that the dog I have applied for will still be available if my application to adopt a dog is approved, as there could be several applications for this dog already in progress or the dog may have a requirement that my home does not provide.

I understand that LOYAL Rescue Inc. does not approve their dogs to applicants on a "first come first serve" basis, it is the best interest of the dog that is considered in the event of multiple applications for the same dog and the home best suited to the specific needs of the dog will be selected.

In the event that the dog I have applied for is approved to another adopter before my application is processed I will select another dog from the LOYAL Rescue Inc. website and continue with my application screening.

I understand and accept that virtually all "rescued" dogs will have behavioral issues of varying degrees. Many of these dogs have been abused or neglected and have a tendency to be more timid and/or defensive than a dog raised from birth by a knowledgeable and responsible dog owner. I understand and accept that while all known behavioral issues will be disclosed prior to the adoption being completed, it is entirely possible that minor or major behavioral issues may arise after the adoption has occurred and the dog is in my home. I am not expecting a pre-trained dog and am willing to work with this dog to help it overcome any issues it may have, or develops while under my care.

I understand and accept that although all LOYAL Rescue Inc. dogs have been evaluated by a veterinarian, and that a copy of the veterinarian's report(s) will be provided at the time of adoption, it is possible that the dog may have minor or major medical issues that are undiagnosed. I understand and accept that the approximate age of the dog is estimated by a veterinarian and may be slightly or significantly inaccurate.

I have verfied that this dog is being fostered in a location close enough for me to personally travel to, in order to adopt this dog, should I be the approved adopter.

I have thoroughly read and understand the information in the FAQ section of the LOYAL Rescue Inc. website.

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